Easter and family

A good portion of my family came to see us on Easter weekend — to celebrate birthdays, to labor in our yard, and to provide general merriment. I can’t get over how much fun these people are sometimes. I felt like my Gran when they returned to their respective homes. She, normally of the stoic and sarcastic temperament, would always turn her face and cry a little when family left. This is what I did for a moment on Sunday afternoon, but I know we’ll see each other again soon. (And, ideally, in Europe.)

Spring is finally here, and I am grateful.

Easter 2016The big project: Adding pea gravel to our little fenced garden area. We will eventually add two more raised beds, but we wanted to go ahead and finish the gravel before we depart for the summer.


Easter 2016

And after:

Easter 2016Easter 2016Didn’t the boys do a marvelous job? I’m so happy with how it turned out. To finish it up, I want to find some low-growing, flowering perennials to put around the edges.

Easter 2016Easter 2016Easter 2016Easter 2016Easter 2016Easter 2016Easter 2016Easter 2016

8 thoughts on “Easter and family

  1. Hi Abby, I picked up the word merriment from your nicely written and imaged post. Thank you. You have a beautiful yard and your, question mark, mom behind you looks like your twin. Happy Easter!
    Renee Dufresne CMP

  2. Abby (and Guion!!) – the pea gravel garden looks incredible, you two are amazing! Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Abby! Sending you two lots of love!

  3. your pea garden is truly a thing of envy!
    the first para made me want to see all my family!
    i’d really appreciate it if maybe anyone who sees this could check out my site…i’m very new and could a do with a little help!
    thanks for the wonderful post x

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