Being laid out like a mist (Ireland)

This past weekend, we took a long-awaited tiny pilgrimage to Southwest Ireland, traveling mainly to visit Guion’s old friends, farming mentors, and beloved haunts. As you can see, it was an enchanting weekend in one of the most beautiful parts of the known world.

County ClareWe started in County Clare and stayed at the most charming B&B ever, and then journeyed from there to the spectacular Cliffs of Moher.

County ClareCounty ClareCliffs of MoherCliffs of MoherCliffs of MoherThe next day and a half were spent on Mizen Head, which is the southernmost point in all of Ireland, and it feels like the gorgeous end of the world out there. We stayed with Guion’s dear friends Tim and Laurence, who generously hosted and fed us for two days. Look at their amazing garden!

Mizen HeadThey also have this delightful one-eyed cat named Peewee (she was badly injured while sleeping in the engine of a friend’s car). She’s like a dog, and so I loved her. She would sleep in my lap for hours while we ate dinner and talked.

Mizen HeadMagic all around:

Three Castle HeadThree Castle HeadWe strolled along the beach at Barley Cove (where kelp abounds):

Barley CoveBarley Cove

And enjoyed the charming seaside village of Crookhaven:

CrookhavenCrookhavenCrookhavenPerhaps my favorite afternoon was taking a short, secluded, foggy hike to see the 13th-century ruins at Three Castle Head. It was especially enchanting because we were almost entirely alone there. If more people knew about it, it’d be swamped with tourists like ourselves, but it’s so far off the beaten path that we had it in almost perfect, eerie solitude.

Three Castle HeadThree Castle HeadThree Castle HeadThree Castle HeadWe also ventured off the grid to visit Guion’s other farm mentors, Dan and Pika, at their truly wild spot on the north side of Mizen Head.

Mizen HeadPika is a sculptor and potter, and her kiln room is Tolkien inspired. They call this shed “Middle Earth,” appropriately:

Mizen HeadMizen HeadMizen HeadMizen HeadMizen HeadMizen HeadDon’t forget us, Ireland. We’ll be back.

Mizen Head

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