Oh, Paris! How could I forget Paris?

Apparently, I forgot to do a Paris recap. It is worth doing to me only because of my strong need for consistency in a series. Like comma usage or list styling. The week must be documented.

So, with all of our luggage in tow, we went to Paris for a week before we came home. And it was grand. It lived up to all of my (already extremely high) expectations. The thing I’ve been telling people, when they ask about my impressions of Paris, is that it felt simultaneously a lot dirtier/grittier and a lot more beautiful than London. Perhaps it is not fair to compare cities so directly, but this comparison kept rushing to mind as we strolled along the Seine and stepped in feces. It seems to always be both, in Paris: beauty and excrement.

Photos, commence!

ParisParisParisParisDay one in ParisParisParisParisParisParisParisParisParisParisParisParisParisParis selfiesA day trip to the utter madness that is Versailles:


Whew. What a magical city. Merci beaucoup, Paris; let’s meet again soon.
Last day in Paris

7 thoughts on “Oh, Paris! How could I forget Paris?

  1. We’re off to Paris for a week later on this month. I’m so excited too, and your photos just make me even more so! So glad you had high expectations and that you were not disappointed

  2. My goodness, I said the exact same thing to my husband about Paris when we first went! A lot dirtier than London but also so much more beautiful. He is a massive fan of London though, so all I got was a dirty look 🙂 Beautiful photos, sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  3. Nice Post.😊
    Loved the city. According to me, the magic of the place is just roaming in the streets and watching the old architecture

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