We know we are very special

The library in the Rijksmuseum.

One of the few things that makes me look forward to child-rearing is reading to my (hypothetical) children. I am going to read them everything. I think about my beloved Great Aunt Lib, who was my pen pal for many years. She raised these two brilliant children, and family lore holds that she spent a year reading aloud to them from War and Peace when they were still small.

I hope to have children who want to read so much that I cannot keep up with them. That I have to turn them loose in the library, as my mother did, and say, “Good luck, Godspeed, see you in a few hours.”

How many of you have parents who are voting for Trump? Or, how many of you have parents who are not voting at all? How scared should we all be right now?

It’s taking just about all of my willpower to resist the urge to turn this into a political screed. But I am tired. The election is on my mind all day, every day. Before I fall asleep, I turn to Guion and say often, “Guion, fix it,” à la Zuzu to George Bailey. As if he could somehow harness that white maleness, wave a wand, and make it all go away. We are just about a month away from the election, and I feel a plain sense of terror. Mixed also with sadness. How did things get this bad?

At least we still have Lydia Davis. And Goodreads. And Solange Knowles. And dogs.

We know we are very special. Yet we keep trying to find out in what way: not this way, not that way, then what way?

— Lydia Davis, “Special”

3 thoughts on “We know we are very special

  1. It’s strange– I know NO ONE who is voting for Trump (and I run in the Christian homeschool crowd). The only person I have even heard of is a friend’s dad who will possibly vote for him. Take heart. Perhaps there aren’t so many as the media makes out. 🙂

    Also, reading parents breed reading children. It just happens. You can’t help it.

  2. Oh, it’s so good to hear someone say that. The election makes my heart race and I have to remember God will still be in control on the morning of Nov. 9th. Trump is scary but so is Hillary. There is no good candidate. I would be so happy if the American public could all agree on one write-in candidate and neither Trump or Clinton would be in office. Here’s hoping. 🙂 And here’s to cozy reading spots all winter long.

  3. Crazy the reality we are living in! If you read to your children, they will love books, from my experience. Thank you for wanting to do this and yearning for it! It is vital for development and so rewarding! I read my daughter the Wizard of Oz when she was an infant. She is 9 now and loves to draw, write, read, but most of all, still, to be read to.

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