Things I should know

I’ve been thinking about gaps in my education lately. These are some things I should know more about:

  • The war in Afghanistan.
  • Science.
  • Financial markets and the principles of basic investing.
  • Japanese grammar.
  • The human body.
  • China.
  • Church history.
  • Divisions and functions of the branches of the U.S. military.
  • How to make things grow.
  • Russian history.
  • Fertility.
  • Cholesterol.
  • The Federal Reserve.
  • How to fix a spare tire.
  • Insurance policies.
  • How to read music.
  • Global warming.
  • Michele Bachmann.
  • Interest rates.
  • Calculus (and by “know more about” I mean “learn anything about”).
  • Currency exchange rates.
  • How to drive a manual transmission.
  • The Supreme Court.
  • Canadian provinces.
  • Latin and Greek roots.
  • The difference between Central and Latin America.

The reason why I don’t know more about these things is because, I suppose, I don’t find them fundamentally interesting. Even though I feel like I should. Do you know about these things? If so, enlighten me. I want to know.

Monday Snax

Chmabia reunion!

After a post you’ve been writing gets erased, it just takes the wind out of your sails; I have no energy or inclination to rewrite all of that. I was going to tell you about our weekend, but it seems the Interwebs have deemed that unworthy. I did get to reunite with Chmabia in Richmond, though, and that was really great. I don’t feel like re-finding some of the links, so these might be low-calorie Snax today.

Snax, lite! Now with more corn sugar!

Tea Party Agitprop. ANGELA TCHOU was on the front page of Slate Magazine! I’m so proud of my baby. (Slate)

Afghan Boys Are Prized, So Girls Live The Part. Really, you should read this article on the trend in Afghanistan of dressing little girls as boys. It’s one of the best things I’ve read all week, and it is both fascinating and heartbreaking. I found this quote from the article particularly searing; it’s from a woman who was raised as a boy throughout adolescence, and then was married off at 16 to a man she did not know.

In a brief period of marital trouble, he once attempted to beat her, but after she hit him back, it never happened again. She wants to look like a woman now, she said, and for her children to have a mother.

Still, not a day goes by when she does not think back to “my best time,” as she called it. Asked if she wished she had been born a man, she silently nods.

(The New York Times)

Sunday’s Coming. Hilarious, because this is such an accurate depiction of the church my family used to go to. A circus! (chatmaggot on YouTube)

Crane Stationery Tour. In a former life, I would definitely have been a stationer. (Oh, So Beautiful Paper)

Etsy Take Five Tuesday. Generally, my only interaction with Etsy is through Regretsy, but this blog has featured some really beautiful artists this week. I’d love to buy some of those illustrations. (Decor8)

Who Says Mothers Can’t Do It All? Photograph of Licia Ronzulli, Italy’s member of the European Parliament, bringing her baby girl to work. I love this. (Take Part)

Bamboo Forest, Japan. So tranquil. I am dying to go back to my homeland. (National Geographic)

Mathilde-Roussel Giraudy’s Growing Grass Sculptures. Artists! What will they think of next? These are very cool, if a bit creepy. (Flavorwire)

A 30 Rock Glossary. Yet another reason why NY Mag is the best publication out there. Thanks, Jonathan, for passing this on! (NY Magazine)