Babies, block parties, BBQ

Things that happened this past weekend:

Blue House cook-out

1: Win and Tracy came to visit! They both totally charmed Pyrrha (Tracy especially became her particular favorite).

Cate's Baby Shower

2: Cate is having a baby really soon and so there was a beautiful baby shower/garden party in her honor.

3: After the shower, Mary Boyce and I flopped around on her bed and talked about people and things. It was rejuvenating.

Blue House cook-out

4: Ben’s parents hosted a very generous cookout at the Blue House (read: flank steak). Here are Ethan and Hannah, being cute before dinner.

Graves St. Block Party

5: The Graves Street Block Party was resurrected by Ross, who is the only person in Charlottesville who could have accomplished such a thing. No one else has his social prowess, his gracious and notable ability to bring people together and create community out of thin air.

6: I spoke very broken and embarrassing Japanese with the very kind and talented local potter, Ken Nagakui. I felt honored to meet him. He was so generous to me, regarding the vast amount of errors I made in such a small amount of time.

7: I had a slight increase of terror, thinking about how busy I am making my life. And yet I am happy. It is fall! My sister is getting married to one of my good friends from college in a few weeks!

Busy and happy

The happier and busier I am, the less I want to blog. Hence the lack of steady posts.

This weekend:

Stephanie's baby shower in Keswick
Stephanie’s baby shower in Keswick.

We celebrated Stephanie and her soon-to-come baby boy at a blissful lunch in Keswick.

With Juju and TT
Pyrrha meets Juju and TT.

My beautiful parents came to see our new house and meet Pyrrha, who was instantly charmed by them both.

On a sunny day soon, I’ll take some more photos of the house and post them, mainly because I know the grandparents are curious. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to figure out how to keep reading at a steady pace and how to keep the dog from trampling my baby basil plants. No complaints from me here! All is calm and happy and verdant at the mini-homestead. (We’ll see how long the calmness lasts next week, when we will be house-sitting a 7-pound pomeranian.)

Monday recap

Things we’ve been doing lately:

(Click on an image to enlarge it.)

Also, we *might* have found a house for next year! I’m so excited; it’s all I think about. Will let you know once we find out for sure.

Not much in the mood for snaxing today, but maybe later… Too much to do, too much on my mind! You know how it is.