Monday Snax

This weekend, we traveled to Oak Ridge, NC, for the joyful wedding of Danielle and Logan, whom we love. So delighted for them! Just look how beautiful (and cold) they are:

The bride and groom
Mr. Logan and Mrs. Danielle R. Roach!
Gigi and Meller
Gigi and Meller.
Rowdy pair
Hannah and Emma!

More photos on Flickr! A thousand happy congratulations to Danielle and Logan; hope you two are soaking up some of the last warm rays on the Hilton Head shores!

Meager snax, because apparently, I was too busy last week to read anything of any great interest on the Interwebs. It’s OK; no one will die. Because, really, the less time I spend online, the more I enjoy my life.

A Poet Laureate for the Proletariat: An Appreciation of Philip Levine. Levine, recently named America’s Poet Laureate, will always hold a special place in my heart: His book of gritty poems about Detroit was the first book that Guion ever lent me. So sweet. Levine is well worth everyone’s time. (The Millions)

Detroit Free Press Accidentally Prints Vulgar Headline. And this is why you always check and then re-check the front page copy… (I knew people from my Dow Jones internship who worked at this paper. I wonder if they heard about this!) It’s funny, though. You have to admit it. (Best Week Ever)

See Amy Poehler as 30 Different Alter Egos. This is proof that this woman is 110% amazing. (NY Mag)

Audrey Hepburn Reads. I think it is impossible to look at photos of Mlle. Hepburn and not think one of two things: 1) I want to hang out with her right now, and 2) I WANT TO BE HER. (Awesome People Reading)

It’s A Great Day… Emotions! (The Bluth Company)

Monday Snax

We had a perfect, celebration-filled weekend in Davidson and Charlotte. Complete set of photos here!

We watched these two get married. Warmest congratulations, Jonathan and Keara!
Glowing with love
We got all dressed up.
It's Pizookie time!
We took the Pizookie challenge.
Family love
And we welcomed home our beloved world traveler!

 Snax with a piping hot cup of darjeeling tea, imported straight from the region itself:

What I’ve Done. Just reading the list of things Grace did these past six months is enough to make one’s head spin. Proud of you, muppet, but mostly I’m just really, really glad that you’re home. (Como Say What?)

Memories of Chekhov. An excerpt from a new book of people’s opinions and stories about the great Anton Chekhov. Delightful. (New York Review of Books)

The Lake House, Part 2. Does this look like the absolute perfect vacation or what? I’m enamored. (Sweet Fine Day)

Teal Blue Envelope Calligraphy. Must learn how to write like this. (Paper Tastebuds)

An Epistolary Confession. I haven’t written many letters lately, and this thoughtful piece by Jenni Simmons on the Curator made me want to revive my practice of regular letter writing. (The Curator)

No-Bake Chocolate Cake. I haven’t actually made this yet, but it sounds perfect–especially since our temperamental old oven makes baking a terrifying and often tragic adventure. (Mint)

The Unconditional Love of Dogs. This is why I think keeping pets, especially dogs, matters to humanity. (Doggerel)

Hover Cat. I feel that this GIF sums up the personality of most cats and dogs. (Animals Being Di*ks)

Our wedding photos…

… still bring me a lot of joy. Even though I’ve seen every photo a dozen times or more, I still love looking through them. We had a perfect day. I also love discovering shots like this that I hadn’t really remembered. Takes me right back to dusk on Saturday, May 29, 2010…

Just married and hanging out in Forest Theater. Photo by Meredith Perdue.

If you’re getting married, seriously, look no further for a photographer than Meredith Perdue! Not only is she incredibly gifted at what she does, but she is also a simply lovely human being! Seriously. Give her a call.

Five months

I found this photo in our album, and realized how much I like it. Meredith Perdue is the greatest. See her work at Click to enlarge.

Hey baby,

Did you know we’ve been married for five months? That’s almost half a year! That’s totally crazy. What’s also totally crazy is how much I love you. Thank you for:

  • Making the bed every day.
  • Being SUPER handsome.
  • Filling our little house with music.
  • Watching “30 Rock” with me whenever I’m hit with the need for Jack Donaghy (which is often).
  • Being great at making marinades for meat and fish.
  • Your effervescent spirit.
  • Laughing with and at me.
  • Letting me win so often in speed Scrabble.
  • Sharing what you learn at school with me.
  • Being a sincerely gifted poet.
  • Cleaning the bathroom without me having to ask.
  • Taking out the compost when it gets yucky and starts to grow things.
  • Doing the laundry. Heck, basically, doing almost ALL of the domestic chores! No woman is as lucky as I am.
  • Sending me sweet e-mails at work.
  • Putting up with my dog lust.
  • Encouraging me to write.
  • Creating social events with our friends. Getting drinks every Wednesday at The Local is really fun. Thanks for initiating that.
  • Loving me despite my innumerable faults.

I love you way more than I can say on this silly little blog.

Yours always,