Our twin couple

The W-Os

Gems, these two!

So delighted to host Rose and Kemp again in Charlottesville, this time in our new, damp farmhouse/shack.

Everyone draped over furniture

We were all kind of falling apart on Saturday, but after we had draped ourselves over various items of furniture, we were still able to walk to the farmers’ market, speed-pick Fuji apples at Carter Mountain Orchard, and go out to dinner at The Local with new/old friends Zella and Keith.

Just that one there

A seductive harvest

Successful harvest

We so loved having them. Our devastation at their departure was assuaged by the fact that we get to see them again this weekend for Kelsey and Alex’s WEDDING! Score!

House full of animals

Catching up

Newlyweds Kathryn and Jeff came to stay with us this past weekend, along with their furry children, Scout and Sadie. We had a great time together, spending lots of time outside with the dogs, and the weekend only reinforced my desire to have a house full of animals. Our tiny, tiny home was filled with the kind of fun chaos that only three 50-80 lb. animals can bring! I also think Pyrrha really wants a canine sibling. She was noticeably depressed when she realized that Scout and Sadie were gone.

On Sunday morning, we took the dogs up in the woods and hiked up to Carter Mountain Orchard. The weather was ideal, and even though there weren’t any great apples ready yet, we had a lovely morning and met lots of dogs, kids, and other humans.

I love having guests from out of town, because it’s always an opportunity to be reminded of what a truly gorgeous area we live in. I’m perpetually convinced that we have the most beautiful countryside in America. Thomas Jefferson knew it, too.

View of the city
View of the city from Carter Mountain.

Some more photos of our weekend together (mostly dogs romping and being adorable).

Monday Snax

Carter Mountain with Bo! (Photo courtesy of Guion's iPhone.)

We went on a long, beautiful hike up to Carter Mountain on Saturday with Win, Bo, and new friends Joseph, Lauren, and William. The day was a flawless example of the beauty of this area in early autumn.


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