Things that make me mad


While I’m thinking about it, here are some things that make me mad:

  • Unpaid internships. (Why is this not ILLEGAL?)
  • The idiotic, positively correlated relationship between poverty and obesity in this country.
  • Dogs who live their entire lives outdoors on chains.
  • 90 percent of all Craigslist posts. (“Depressed about American education” is also a common emotion.)
  • Parents who abandon their children.
  • Strip clubs.
  • Churches who just want you to follow the rules and tell other people to do the same.
  • Diet Coke.
  • People who think Atlas Shrugged is the greatest book ever.
  • Reality TV shows, unless they involve dogs. Or Tyra Banks.
  • Conspiracy theorists with penchants for e-mail forwards.
  • Men who whistle/cat call at women.
  • Glee.

(And yes, I know, this blog is just turning into a series of dumb lists. But you know what? I’m OK with it.)

Monday Snax

NERDZ. Bahaha. This makes me laugh a lot.
Cute brothers. Having Win here for the day was the best.

Win came for the weekend to scope out Charlottesville and we had such a good time with him! I have the best bro-in-law ever. We’re really, really crossing our fingers that he’ll come here, but we will support him regardless of his decision. Even though Charlottesville will get the sadies real bad if he doesn’t move here…

Snax with homebrew from the Pratt brother master brewers:

Even Kate Middleton’s Bridesmaid Has Had Enough. I feel ya, kid who looks almost exactly like I did at 4. I was not an attractive baby. (NY Mag)

Netflix Instant for Every Situation. Have totally watched all of the BBC period dramas on Netflix instant. Will not lie. (The Hairpin)

Nontraditional mother. Will never get old. (The Bluth Company)

And that’s why you… A Craigslist post in line of the Bluth family lore. This is awful. Are there really parents out there like this? (You Suck at Craigslist)

Can We Have Some Spare Blank Pages on the Web Site? OMG. I love that there are still so many humans who have no idea what the Internet is. (Clients from Hell)

Iceland, Part 3: From Above. Is this for real!? Is this a town for ants?? Tilt-shift makes everything look so tiny and magical and dollhouse-y. (Krisatomic)

The Advantages of Writing in Bed. Proust did it. Maybe I should try. (The Guardian Book Blog)

In Which I Pretend That We’re the Oldest and Dearest Friends. It’s like a movie review of You’ve Got Mail that’s a decade too late, but on the other hand, it’s an interesting and thought-provoking reflection on the voyeurism and psychological effect of a culture of online living. (This Recording)

What’s Your Secret, Deborah? Apparently, Deborah is the top name for female CEOs. Why? My guess is that these girls heard about the story of Deborah in the Bible, the only mentioned female judge of Israel, and felt empowered to divide and conquer because of their ancient namesake. (The Hairpin)

Where Your Money Is… A small but powerful reminder from my friend Lauren. (See the Cities)

The Tub. So precious. (Emily Corey Photography)

Portraits of Intriguing People. Indeed! I’d like to read a story about all of these people. (Modish)

Tuesday snax

Crazy, long, fun weekend. I even posted a few pictures on Flickr to demonstrate. We did so much this weekend: had Kelsey and Alex stay with us, threw the Belmontonia bash with our neighbors, met the nicest cop ever after setting off fireworks, went hiking on Humpback Rock, had a dinner party at the Blue House, watched “There Will Be Blood” and finished “Daniel Deronda.” Very full, very fun.

Also, for the curious, I have posted a new portfolio page on my calligraphy site from the job I just finished.

And now, for your special edition of Tuesday snax! A big dose. Apparently, there was a lot of really great stuff on the web this week.

Man Already Knows Everything He Needs to Know About Muslims. Funny, but also sad, because it’s true of so many. Probably myself included. We need to be challenged to higher levels of knowledge about others. (The Onion)

It’s Time to Play “Bush, Obama, or Imam?” In a similar vein… (The Daily Intel)

You and Everything You Own. Beautiful and stark photographs, especially the ones from China. Amazing, too. In my consumerist-American mindset, I look at some of these pictures and marvel: How on earth do they live with only those possessions? And then, What would my stuff look like in front of our house? And finally, What a huge pain for those families. (Mint)

Missed Connections. I hope Jonathan reads here occasionally, because he will just love this. Illustrator Sophie Blackall creates paintings from the “missed connections” section of Craigslist. Beautiful, haunting, sometimes creepy–as missed connections tend to be! (Modish)

“Paradactyl Kittens.” Hilarious. I love the mash-up graphic, too.  (You Suck at Craigslist)

The Impossibly Glamorous Black Fawn! Teehee. I don’t know why this is so funny to me, but it is. (Cute Overload)

Not-so-sweet somethings. These dogs hate their lives so much. (Blue Bird Official Vintage Blog)

Disney Releases Poster for Secretariat-Biscuit. Haha. Seriously! Step it up, Hollywood. (Best Week Ever)

Diva. “Someone did not get the Cheerios she had written into her contract for photo shoots…” Yes, it’s a blog about a mom in Utah, but it’s probably one of the best on the whole world wide Interwebs. I’ve been following Heather Armstrong and family for two years now, and I just love them more than ever.  (Dooce)

Kisses and Pigtails. So cute! The blog Like Mom, Like Dad lets people send in photos of themselves (and, possibly, their own children) imitating photos of themselves with their parents. This is one of my favorites I’ve seen. (Like Mom, Like Dad)

Un Petit Tour Chez Zid Zid Kids. Um, can I live here with these French kids? (Les Zigouis)

Looks Like Books Are Coming to an End. Aw, come on now, Harper Lee! Cheer up, some! (Letters of Note)

Ways Christians Have Messed Up with Sex. I think this is a really sincere and true perspective on the ways many of us Christians have distorted and perverted God’s message on sex. His point that “we write 10 books about lust for every one on sex” was also very resonant. (Stuff Christians Like)