She would buy the flowers herself

Neighborhood strolling(As a preemptive warning, all of my post titles are probably going to be lifted straight fromĀ Mrs. Dalloway, which I am currently re-reading for the fifth time. I am suffused with emotion! It is everything I remembered it to be and more, particularly because I am actually living in her pulsing city.)

Neighborhood strollingThis is our neighborhood. It is immensely charming.

Neighborhood strollingNeighborhood strollingThese gardens are the grounds of our neighborhood church in St. John’s Wood.

Neighborhood strollingLooking forward to our first full weekend together in the city!

Franzen also finds the “Grounds” silly

It was stupid that a “Vigil of Concern” was held for no conceivable practical reason, it was stupid that people kept watching the same disaster footage over and over, it was stupid that the Chi Phi boys hung a banner of “support” from their house, it was stupid that the football game against Penn State was canceled, it was stupid that so many kids left Grounds to be with their families (and it was stupid that everybody at Virginia said “Grounds” instead of “campus”).

— From the perspective of Joey Berglund, freshman–yeah, I said it! Freshman!–at UVA, in Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. At least we can agree on that, Joey. At least we have that.

That’s all I have for you today. As a disclaimer, I do actually like Charlottesville a lot. But I also like Jonathan Franzen and I’m taking his side on this one.