Japanese will, must rise from ashes

After the earthquake and tsunami, I wrote a hasty and concerned little e-mail to my wonderful Japanese host family. To my great relief, I just heard back from them this weekend and I wanted to copy my host father’s e-mail here. It is so sweet and moving to me and made me cry a bit from relief. I wish I could see them all now and I wish there was anything I could do to help the situation.


A photo attached to the e-mail of my host father, Mikio, with his children, Yutaro (standing), Nana and Risa. I miss them all very much.

Dearest our family Abby san!

We are many soory for our delay reply onto your heartwarming and kindly email and many thanks. We family still survive. It means OK at this moment.
However our home town in Chiba close to Pacific was some struck by this catastrophic desaster.
Honestly I can not find the appropriate the word to explain our mind.
Yes we are very sorrow for uncountabled victim of this disaster and still scarely for the hazadous by nuclear power. My home locates just 250km from the plants. Especially we worry about children’s health
but no choce to live in here.
In our long history in Japan, we have suffered many these kind of extraordinary accident in past but overcame
in each case. So we Japanese will,must rise from ashes even for many years.
And We highly appreciate United States for biggest supports to our country,we need your help.
Please keeping in touch.
Very best regards, please pass my best regards to your husband and family all.
In near future we are very looking forward to seeing you!
Mikio KOYASU and my family, Keiko,Youtarou,Lisa and Nana.