Weekend with Caleb

Dear old Caleb came to stay with us this weekend. We had a very peaceful time, as you can see.

Weekend with Caleb
At the C&O.

Weekend with Caleb
Bonding at dinner.

Weekend with Caleb

Weekend with Caleb
Pyr referees horseshoes.

Being friends
Alliance forged.

Storm brewing. #locustavenue #crapemyrtle
Mercifully cooling storm.

Talking in the old way

This weekend, we were charmed to keep the company of Ann-Marie and Shaun. They are very wonderful, fun, and engaging and we are always thrilled to have them as house guests. After they got in on Saturday night, we walked to the downtown mall with Pyrrha and had dinner at The Whiskey Jar.


Sunday night, we started a rousing discussion on the definition of marriage. It was energetic and compelling and thought-provoking and it even made me miss college a little. Remember college? Remember sitting around and having conversations like that all night long? We don’t do that much anymore. And maybe it’s good that we don’t, it’s good that we’ve moved on from finding our opinions so valuable, but at the same time, I do sincerely miss that heated exchange of ideas. It’s something I’ve always loved.

Does this blog feel a bit stale to you? I’ve been getting steadily worse at this hobby.

We have already had such a busy summer, but it has been a very happy one.