Basement tour

The finished basement is the space that we evidently don’t know what to do with yet. Mainly, we really need furniture, as you can tell. And that will come… in time! For now, this is what it looks like, post-move:

Basement tour (current disarray)
Media corner.
Basement tour (current disarray)
Music corner.
Basement tour (current disarray)
The nicest bath in the house is in the basement. It’s weird.
Basement tour (current disarray)
Laundry/fermentation/beer/mud room.
Basement tour (current disarray)
Pyrrha is still confused. But at least she has her bed.

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Top floor tour

The top floor of our new house was formerly the attic of this house, a 1950s classic Cape Cod. Previous owners refashioned it into two rooms, a large bedroom and an open office space.

Here’s what the top floor looks like currently, with improvements to come gradually:

Top floor tour
Love this perfunctory French door leading to the staircase.
Top floor tour
Little landing. Paint colors clearly need to be remedied.
Top floor tour
Pyrrha wonders why there isn’t anything in this room.

Top floor tour

Top floor tour
My calligraphy studio! How I have longed for this space. To be painted bright white.
Top floor tour
Calligraphy supplies, up close.

To come: the basement!

(Previously: Tour of the main floor in disarray.)

Main floor tour (in throes of post-move disarray)

Clearly, I am not one to touch up photos before posting them, much less the subject of the photos themselves — in this case, our still unpacked and scattered new home. But I feel like these photos will be encouraging to me in a year or two, when I look back at them and think, “Wow, what lazy bums we once were.” At least, I hope that’s my reaction.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our totally amazing family, who sacrificed their weekends to come help us move, refinish furniture, clean, and paint many rooms (banishing traces of the ubiquitous yellowy cream!). They are all rockstars, and I want to cry just thinking about all they did for us. Bowing down with gratitude for Mom, Dad, Mike, Windy, Kelsey, Alex, Win, and Tracy! And to the Blue House Boys who helped us move and paint: Phil, Sam, Ethan, and Brooks — you rock. We are the luckiest.

That said, here are some photos of the main floor of our new house — exactly as it looks right now.

Living room in disarray
Chaos in the living room. Painted it white (including the fireplace); I think it looks approximately a million times better.
Fireplace painting in progress! #movingweekend
In the midst of fireplace painting. Many thanks to Tracy for her help!
First fire in the fireplace
First fire. Thanks to Aunt B for the screen!
View into kitchen from dining room
View from dining room, also used to be yellowy cream; now pale gray.
Dining room
Refinished Pratt family table! With many thanks to Dad, Mike, Win, and linseed oil.

Main floor bathroom

Pyrrha's room/nursery
Pyrrha’s room. There is nothing else in here but this random stuff.
Lemon tree
Please stay alive, little buddy! Lemon tree with one lemon.
Pyrrha's dominion
View of backyard from deck.
Neurotic watchdog.

There is lots of potential here, and I am currently feeling very overwhelmed by it all. To calm myself, I am internally repeating the truth that it is OK to have mostly empty rooms. It is OK to have mostly empty (scattered) rooms. It is OK…