Dogs and plants

These are the two things that keep us busy these days.

Gimme dat stick
Pyrrha and Rainer (foster).

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

Handsome Rainer
Handsome Rainer is looking for a home! Tell everyone you know!
Guion tending to his hops
Guion tends to his hops.
Kiwi vine is really thriving
Kiwi is monstrous and thriving. But still no kiwi.
Lemon tree
Lemon tree is slowly growing and starting to blossom.
Anniversary peonies from the neighbors
Peonies for our anniversary, from the neighbors.
Pilea cadierei
Pilea cadierei (aluminum plant).
Crassula ovata
Crassula ovata (jade plant) on the kitchen table.
Succulent friends on the organ
Succulents on the organ.

What’s been occupying your life this summer*? (I’m calling it “summer” now because it’s been 85–90°F every day this past week.)

Taking time to sniff the kiwi

Pyrrha under the kiwi vines.

Yes. That’s right. We have arctic kiwi vines in our backyard. I told you this garden wasn’t messing around. (I really just wanted an excuse to post another photo of Pyrrha.)

Looking forward to the weekend: Getting settled, celebrating with mom-to-be Stephanie, celebrating our friend Daniel’s birthday, and possibly hosting my parents on Sunday night. I’m excited for them to see the homestead and meet Pyrrha!