Ready to give thanks

Sam and Emma at Thanksgiving, many years ago. Maybe 2003?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am beside myself with excitement: Win, Guion, and I are trekking down to the Old North State in about an hour. Cannot WAIT. There shall be much food, laughter, and loving of dogs.

Wishing you all peace and merriment. See you Monday!

(Tell me that’s not the cutest picture you’ve seen all day.)

A heron

A heron stood shyly on the bank of Jordan Lake, frozen, as if it were waiting to receive something. I watched it for a mere second or two from the car as we whizzed over the bridge. Guion was talking about music and I was listening and watching. The heron was still, patient. I wondered when I would be that quiet.

When he laughs, it electrifies my spirit and sharpens my focus. I like making him laugh, but part of me likes watching him laugh–detached from me, as he has an experience that I cannot fully understand but can yet wholly appreciate.

A mix of the mundane and the everyday fictional.