Can’t you see us bashing around London


We shove off for our summer in London at the end of this week. After anticipating this brief journey for almost two years now, it feels hard to believe that it is time to go. And we will miss our life in Charlottesville, especially our dear friends, our pups (who will be having a ball at with Juju and TT in Davidson), and our garden.

I am excited about all of the glories that London offers a former English major (and a Woolf acolyte, especially), but I also looking forward to the mundane, domestic aspects too, such as pretending to be a local for a few months: taking the Tube to and from work, acquainting myself with office life, and getting to know our neighborhood.

I hope to post more regularly here with travel notes and photos. Until then, insert some insufferable British farewell here!

(Oh, Teddy, I’m not fashionable enough for London.)