Monday Snax

This weekend, we traveled to Oak Ridge, NC, for the joyful wedding of Danielle and Logan, whom we love. So delighted for them! Just look how beautiful (and cold) they are:

The bride and groom
Mr. Logan and Mrs. Danielle R. Roach!
Gigi and Meller
Gigi and Meller.
Rowdy pair
Hannah and Emma!

More photos on Flickr! A thousand happy congratulations to Danielle and Logan; hope you two are soaking up some of the last warm rays on the Hilton Head shores!

Meager snax, because apparently, I was too busy last week to read anything of any great interest on the Interwebs. It’s OK; no one will die. Because, really, the less time I spend online, the more I enjoy my life.

A Poet Laureate for the Proletariat: An Appreciation of Philip Levine. Levine, recently named America’s Poet Laureate, will always hold a special place in my heart: His book of gritty poems about Detroit was the first book that Guion ever lent me. So sweet. Levine is well worth everyone’s time. (The Millions)

Detroit Free Press Accidentally Prints Vulgar Headline. And this is why you always check and then re-check the front page copy… (I knew people from my Dow Jones internship who worked at this paper. I wonder if they heard about this!) It’s funny, though. You have to admit it. (Best Week Ever)

See Amy Poehler as 30 Different Alter Egos. This is proof that this woman is 110% amazing. (NY Mag)

Audrey Hepburn Reads. I think it is impossible to look at photos of Mlle. Hepburn and not think one of two things: 1) I want to hang out with her right now, and 2) I WANT TO BE HER. (Awesome People Reading)

It’s A Great Day… Emotions! (The Bluth Company)

Monday Snax

Family ladies
It's unreasonable that our grandmothers look better than we do.
Lucy and Loretta
Coolest grandmothers ever.

Coming back from Davidson is always so hard; I just want to stay forever. Mom said she’d write me a note to send to my employer: “Abby has a headache. She can’t come back to work for another week.” I wish! We had a beautiful, sunny, and happy weekend with the family, celebrating with the grandmothers and celebrating the end of Lent with an absurd amount of chocolate-raspberry cake and Peeps. Just as expected. More photos on Flickr.

That said, here are your snax with day-old Peeps:

Goin’ to the Chapel! DANIELLE AND LOGAN ARE FINALLY ENGAGED!! (Gallimaufry of a Girl)

Still Lagging: Women’s Earnings in America. Even though they’re not exactly new, these statistics always depress me. Particularly now that we have more female college graduates in the work force than male! What is going on, Patriarchy? Where is thy death? (Mint)

Night Pruning. Cate has such a beautiful home and baby and just look at her perfect appropriation of nature! I got to hang out in her verdant cottage with her baby on Wednesday night and it was lovely; hoping to do it again soon! (The Charlotte)

Hello, My Pretty. Grace used to make this face when she was doing something naughty, like zipping up the family rabbit in a purse or trying to snatch Sam out of his crib. (Awkward Family Photos)

Word Portraits by John Sokol. Now this is a cool idea: Portraits of authors using their own words. (Le Projet d’Amour)

What If Corporate Logos Were Honest? Imagining big companies displaying their true slogans. (Flavorwire)

J.P. Toad’s. That’s so disgusting. Who thinks of these things? Actually. I know some people in Carrboro who would probably try to sell this at the farmers’ market. (Regretsy)

A Lesson in Posing, Religious Observance Begs Sabbatical. The Man Repeller makes fun of the numerous poses that Cool Lady Bloggers adopt when modeling stuff from their own wardrobes. (The Man Repeller)

Bingley Takes a Bath. You know I’m not a cat person, but I love this. (Fat Cat Orange Studios)

A Birthday. This looks like the absolute perfect day. So peaceful! So elegant! (Sweet Fine Day)

Vladimir Nabokov’s Drawings of Butterflies. Yep, still fascinated with anything I can find about Nabokov and his butterflies. These are quite lovely. (Flavorwire)

Mikhail Gherman and Karen Walker at Home. Hipsters to the max, but they look like they’re having SO much fun at their house! And Karen Walker is amazing looking. (The Selby)

Monday Snax

We had such a lovely weekend with Danielle and Logan; we didn’t want them to leave! Danielle recounts the trip quite well on her blog: check it out. The engagement photo of Guion and Logan makes me snort with laughter.

Without further ado, your dose of snax!

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Title. I still need to print this off and actually do it, but I love this pretty little quiz by Lapham’s Quarterly. Match the working title of the famous novel with its published moniker, and find yourself (mostly) surprised. Some of them are more obvious than others–The Whale later become what monolith of American fiction?–but some are quite obscure and surprising. (Lapham’s Quarterly)

Q&A with the editor of the style guide for the Interwebs. UNC professor Andy Bechtel has an interview with Julie Wildhaber, the Yahoo! editor for a style guide for the Internet. Now that’s an interesting idea. (The Editor’s Desk)

Bowing in Japan, a Guide. A helpful and lighthearted guide to the culture of bowing in Japan. I really love the opening photograph of an aquarium worker bowing to an orca. It’s a beautiful tradition, and it is funny how ingrained it becomes in one’s body; the funny references at the end of the article do actually happen (bowing while talking on the telephone, for example). (

Men more emotional in relationships? Coverage of an interesting little study about men and women’s emotional balances in relationships. Girlfriends, are you with me on this one? I feel like all of us have been saying this for years now. (Salon Feminist News: Broadsheet)

Bridging the Wage Gap: Men and Women in the Workplace. I am still astonished every time I see these statistics, even though I’ve heard them often. creates a sleek info-graphic to correspond with the depressing data. (

The Essentials. Wish I looked like this every day. (Garance Dore)

Dear Tall Truck that Touched the Trees. Another sweet thank-you note from Leah for you. (THXTHXTHX)

President Obama Not Really Sure Why He Knows that Lindsay Lohan Is in Jail. Really. Daily Intel is the ONLY place I get my news. And it’s the best. The only communication I have with Jonathan and Catherine on Facebook is the exchange of Daily Intel links. (Daily Intel)

Five Senses Friday. Every Friday, Abby posts the experiences of her senses for the day. It’s one of my favorite features on her blog. This week, she decided to show instead of tell, and the results are beautiful. (Abby Tries Again)

To the Lighthouse. But First, to the Food Carts. This will only be funny to fellow Woolf devotees. (McSweeney’s)

Aging Gracefully, the French Way. This might be my favorite link of the week. I want to do this! I think my mother already is. I read French Women Don’t Get Fat a few summers ago, and I’m all behind that lifestyle of natural elegance, simple indulgences, and dedicated skin care. One of my favorite points in this particular article was the average French woman’s complete disdain for the gym. Gyms are a form of torture. This is another reason why I’m all for continuing to live in a town where I can walk everywhere. (The New York Times)

Hope your week has started off well! We will talk again soon.