Christmas came early

Best present ever.

I came home from work today, sniffly and tired, to find the best surprise. There, in the middle of the living room floor, was a white box with a vase of irises on top of it. I didn’t look that closely, and then…


He came out of the kitchen, grinning. Yes, there on the floor was my Christmas present. A month early, but who’s complaining!? My sweet little MacBook Pro. I can hardly believe it! It’s really an amazing feeling to work on a laptop that doesn’t take six minutes to open Firefox. Amazing!

But the best present of all? My sweet husband. Not only did I get this lavish present and a bouquet of flowers, but I also got a steak dinner tonight with malbec on the side! And then we watched “Weeds” before going to the poetry reading. The perfect night with the perfect man.