Patrick’s wedding and Mother’s Day in NC

We spent the weekend in NC to celebrate Patrick’s wedding and Mother’s Day. It was so lovely to be with everyone; I only regret that the time seemed to fly by. Requisite photo dump!

Rehearsal dinner and wedding festivities

Family weekend
Sexy sister & bro.
Family weekend
Jak loves to ruin photo ops.
Family weekend
Us. Playing along.
Family weekend
Paul (best man), Mom, and Patrick (groom).
Family weekend
Backup bridesmaids.
Family weekend
Family weekend
Sisters ready to go.
Family weekend
Mom surveys the landscape.
Family weekend
Family weekend
Sisters, redux.

Family time

Kelsey loves dog wrangling.
Kelsey loves dog wrangling.
Family weekend
Ma-Maw and Grace.

Family weekend

Family weekend
With Cousin Emz.
Family weekend
Sam and MM.
Family weekend
Da-Dan is the best.
Family weekend
Wry husband.
Family weekend
Eden getting some fetching lessons from Juju.
Family weekend
And Pyrrha gets some love from Emily.
Motorcycle mama
Finally, hot grandma on Jak’s new toy.

Monday Snax

That is one fresh baby.
Welcome to the world, Leah Catherine! Dear friends Tara and Andrew welcomed this sweet baby on Saturday morning, just in time for Tara's first Mother's Day!

We had a full, busy, and sunny weekend and it was just perfect. I spent most of my weekend around dogs, which naturally made it a wonderful one; I had my volunteer orientation at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, which I loved. I can’t wait to go back there and walk some more attention-hungry puppies! After getting home, I took a two-hour walk with my beloved Bo. The next morning, I walked our rector’s dogs with Mary-Boyce and then we all went to go see the newest addition to our community, Leah Catherine! Such a sweet baby and SO much hair! Tara looked amazing and we are just so excited to get to hang out with her and watch her grow up.

Snax with a bowl of perfect strawberries:

The Princess Party. This is about a week late now, but I just wanted you to appreciate all of the gorgeous details from Cate’s royal wedding-watching party. Didn’t it look amazing? I feel very privileged to have received an invitation. We had such a good, thoroughly girly time! (The Charlotte)

Rainbow Gatherings. I have an abiding fascination with off-the-grid living communities and I love photo series of these groups of people. Photographer Benoit Paillé spent a series of years with people from the Rainbow Gatherings, which happen all around the world. The people are so haunting and unusual; so many of them look like they might have lived a thousand years ago. (Behance)

Super-Secret War Dogs Are Basically Bionic. This is crazy. Titanium teeth!? Headpieces with microphones so they can hear and respond to handlers’ remote commands?! (Daily Intel)

A Mother’s Day Report Card. A day late, but this is still hilarious. “Helping me with math homework: Average.” (Passive Aggressive Notes)

A Mother’s Prayer, by Tina Fey. A hilarious but heartfelt prayer from the funniest woman alive.¬† “When the crystal meth is offered, may she remember her parents who cut her grapes in half and stick with beer.” (Peonies and Polaroids)

Best Countries to Be a Mom. Is anyone surprised that Scandinavia rocks this list, too? #1, Norway. Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are also in the top 10. The United States is not. (The Hairpin)

Around the Farm. I’m not going to lie: This is kind of our ideal life. Fairytale, dreadlocked children in a tractor? Homemade biscuits? Chicks in a bin? Bring it on. (Farmama)

House G. A sweet house in the Netherlands that was once an old barn. I’ll take it! (Wolf Eyebrows)

The Art of Disney Animation. A collection of sketches and proofs from old Disney films; makes you appreciate the artistry behind those chirpy little films you watched as a child. (Where the Lovely Things Are)

The Man Repeller on Makeup. Ever since Catherine told me about The Man Repeller, I’ve been hooked. Here the main Repeller herself shares her favorite makeup products. I love her. (Into the Gloss)

Gypsy Queen Marina. The strong brow and the devil-may-care attitude! I feel like she wears whatever the heck she wants and manages to look fabulous all day long. (Tales of Endearment)

This Is How We Do It. All I want is to be invited to one of Brian Ferry’s dinner parties. How magical. You can almost hear the sparkle of conversation in his photographs. (Brian Ferry)

A Beautiful Hair Story. A photographer documents the daily regrowth of her hair after cancer treatments. (Design for Mankind)

Meet Riggins. My friend Megan just got a tiny kitten and named it Tim Riggins, after the Friday Night Lights rebel heart-throb. Well done. (Thoughts from a Nest)

Moms are the best

Trying on dresses for my wedding. Grace has a sad face because Mom looks hotter than she does.
Family visit
Hanging out with Windy at our place.

This Mother’s Day, I’m very, very thankful that Guion and I were blessed to have such tremendous mothers. Moms have the hardest job in the world and they don’t get thanked nearly enough for all that they do. When I reflect on all of the sacrifices they made for us, I am simultaneously in awe and paralyzed with fear. How is it possible that, one day, I could EVER live up to this example set for me? Moms, you’re unparalleled. My strong mixture of admiration and fear toward mothers drove me to my undergraduate thesis, which was on the role of mothers as artists in Virginia Woolf’s novels. I think about moms a lot. Even though I feel light years away from motherhood myself, I think about my mom and Guion’s mom and the young moms I am surrounded with here in Charlottesville all the time. Their day in, day out displays of surrender, grace, and mercy are astounding to me.

I think it’s also worth recognizing all of the single moms who might not hear a “thank you” today. Your job is twice as hard. Thanks for doing what most of us could not. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Mom, you know I don’t have enough words to express all that you mean to me. Most days, when I reflect on our childhood, I don’t know how you did it. You were a teacher, successful business owner, chef, chauffeur, and mom to four children–at one point, four children under the age of seven. That’s CRAZY. I love you and I’m so thankful for all that you did to train us up in the way we should go.

Windy, girls just don’t get this lucky with mothers-in-laws. Since I first met you, you’ve been so welcoming, gracious, and encouraging. I’ll admit, I was nervous; giving your firstborn son away in marriage is no easy matter, I am sure. But you’ve always made me feel like a genuine and cherished part of your family. Without your encouragement, I don’t think I would have pursued calligraphy to the extent that I have. I love our talking about our shared interests, whether it be calligraphy, reading, or merely swapping stories of colorful relatives. Thanks for your role in Guion’s life and mine. I love you!

Huzzah for moms. Can’t get enough of them.