And then we moved and got a dog

This weekend:

We moved. Guion’s generous and sweet parents came and helped us move, unpack, clean, and bid farewell to good Belmontonia.

We gardened. We planted a host of seedlings from our new landlords, mowed the (huge) lawn, tended our crops, and harvested snap peas and strawberries.

Mowing around the new garden.

We got a dog. (OMG WE GOT A DOG.) Meet Pyrrha (*pronounced “peer-ah”), who is on trial with us from the amazing people at Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. I’ll continue to write all about her on my dog blog. She is a totally sweet and shy little lady and we love her already. (The name comes from Greek mythology and from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, which we recently read and loved.)


We ate out and relaxed. (Windy and Mike, below, at Blue Mountain Brewery.)

Our super-awesome moving team: Mike and Windy!

We looked at our sweet dog some more.

Pyrrha at Blue Mountain Brewery.

We unloaded more boxes.

We napped.

Moving and things

Our new, lush backyard.

This won’t count as an official update, but we are in the thick of moving craziness right now. We are realizing, however, how totally blessed we are to have found this little house, our mini-homestead. Meanwhile, everything continues to happen at a dizzying, thrilling pace: Chris and Sallie got engaged last night; my little brother graduates from high school this weekend; Mike and Windy are coming in on Friday to help us with the final moving things; and our home visit with Southeast German Shepherd Rescue is tonight! All of these moments that I have been waiting for, happening all at once…

A party on the lake, moving, our future dog??

Whew, what a week! But a good one.

To start the week off, we attended Maddy’s surprise party on a lake. Photo sampling below:

Maddy’s surprise party on the lake.
The party planner and the birthday girl.

It was really marvelous and such a peaceful, happy gathering. More photos on Flickr.

We are in the thick of packing and moving right now, and my brain is too distracted for many eloquent words (I haven’t read a book in a few days, which feels very strange), so this will be brief. We also may have met our future dog on Friday night. But more on that later!

The loneliness of the web and the lines that need to be drawn

I feel like I haven’t had a lot to say here lately. We have been having very busy weeks and there seems to be no end in sight. I find myself retreating to books more often, to experience the reprieve of listening to someone else, instead of dredging the internal well for something to spit out here.

I never want to be online when I am home; it makes me feel lazy, pathetic, lonely. The Internet often makes me feel like that, as I’ve mentioned before. I feel like I am wasting my entire life and then that I am incredibly far away from real people and that I will never be close to them again, that artificial ties are all that we have at our disposal. (I was extremely upset when Guion showed me Google’s promotional video of their prototypical glasses, so you can wear your computer on your FACE and never have to talk to a real human again. Super Sad True Love Story is becoming an imminent reality.) I am as dependent on the Internet as the next person, of course; I love the opportunity of keeping multiple blogs, of pinning every damn dog I see on Pinterest, of the immediate accessibility to every conceivable source of information… but it makes me very tired.

I crave Guion’s company when I come home. A human! With a face, hands, words coming out of its mouth in real time! How refreshing. His daily life/work requires less of constant computer usage than mine does, so I am positively crazy for him, that flesh-and-blood connection, right when I get home from work. He’s used to this by now and accustomed to my grumpy face if he sits down on the couch to read Pitchfork when I’m around. I’m possessive of his human attention. His is a far nicer screen to stare into.

There’s not much more to say on that front, except that I am thankful for this outlet, which does not make me feel guilt or pressure. We are moving in three weeks and six days and it’s basically all I think about, because that house, that sprawling garden, that promise of a dog of my own, will give me infinitely more reasons to avoid my laptop.



Chattahoochee, no. 17

Did any of you give us a wonderful tent? Or know someone who did? We’d like to thank you, but we don’t know who you are, so if you feel inclined, reveal thyself!

Moving to Charlottesville tomorrow morning! I am really, really excited about getting to organize our kitchen. That’s the main thing.