Monday Snax

The four of us, about to leave Primland.

(More Primland photos here!)

We enjoyed a simultaneously wild (nightmare car ride; lost in the woods; I vomited) and relaxing (watching ANTM; eating chocolate; drinking wine) weekend at Primland. I already miss the family women, but I am delighted at the thought that I get to see them all again in just a few days! Very thankful for Thanksgiving.

Today, I’d like to do a special feature on Snax and share with you the work of some of our incredibly gifted friends here:

Matt Kleberg. Matt is one of the most hilarious and generous people we have met in Charlottesville, and he’s also one of the greatest painters. I have loved discovering his work and am always so impressed with his color choices and approaches. Enjoy his diverse and beautiful portfolio! (Matt Kleberg)

Ross McDermott. Ross and I somehow always end up sitting next to each other and conspiring. In our friend circle, we rank at the opposite ends of the age spectrum (he’s the oldest; I’m the youngest). We get along well. I didn’t know until recently how talented he was with a camera. National Geographic (yes, the premier photography publication) courted him to produce the American Festivals Project. He traveled around the country for a year capturing America’s craziest and most interesting festivals. The results are outstanding. (Surface Below)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program. With some gravy and cranberry sauce on the side.

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving. I just discovered Allie Brosh’s blog, and it has had me LOL’ing all over the place. I think this is my favorite post so far. Please enjoy. Please LOL. (Hyperbole and a Half)

Ernie. Ernie the lop-eared rabbit looks startlingly similar to our childhood bunny, Spencer. Want to snuggle right now. (From Me to You)

Mirror Mirror. In general, I feel like pregnancy photo shoots always turn out weird and awkward, but this one takes the cake. (Awkward Family Photos)

Free Font: Matilde. I’m always on the lookout for pretty fonts, especially when they’re free. I really like this one. So delicate. (How About Orange)

Photo of the Day. This kid knows what he wants, and he will stop at nothing to get it. (Marvelous Kiddo)

The 10 Most Confusing Vintage Subway Ads. Advertising from the 1940s and 50s is almost always hilarious. And weird. (Best Week Ever)

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar. OK, so I wouldn’t exactly classify myself as an “owl lover,” but this calendar tool is pretty sweet. A collection of artists painted/drew/designed some owls and this site lets you assign your favorite works to a month and print off a lovely 2011 calendar for yourself. I pinned mine to my cubicle wall.

Monday Snax

We had another fabulous weekend with guests: Emily and Jonathan came to stay, eat lemon fusilli, wander in Mallory’s giant and beautiful house, and watch animal videos on YouTube. Mostly of giant snakes. I was sad to see them both leave, but heartened by the fact that we’ll all be together again in Mom’s Dream Keeper for Rose and Kemp’s wedding. Yay!

I woke up this morning with one very distinct thought in my head, as if someone was repeating it over and over: “Geisha do not have spiritual weight.” Somehow it made a lot of sense to me when I woke up.

So, my 365 Project is now over, but I won’t be abandoning Flickr entirely. I’ll still post intermittently, so long as my laptop keeps working… which may not be very long at all, unfortunately.

Monday snax are here!

What Advice Do Financial Planners Have for Members of Gen Y? This is really great. I do think that my generation–myself included!–has a staggering lack of knowledge about managing money. These sage tips are a great place to start. (Gen Y Wealth)

A Book By Any Other Name. What if popular books were re-titled with the plot summary? Of course, Mrs. Dalloway‘s new moniker is my favorite. (The New Yorker)

Simple Invites. I will always love her work. It’s so lovely and unfettered. (Betsy Dunlap)

So, It’s Not the Phone? One of my new favorite humor blogs. Correspondence with your mom. (Postcards from Yo Momma)

Predominately vs. Predominantly. I’ve never really understood the difference either… until now. (Mighty Red Pen)

50 Best Websites of 2010. Time releases its list; makes Monday Snax feel somewhat small and obsolete. (Time)

Obento book. It’s so lovely; I wish I could find it somewhere. Watching my host mom create obento each morning for her kids was one of the more interesting aspects of daily life in Tokyo. I think the title of this book is literally translated to, “It’s Obento Time!” Cutesies. (Anna Gleeson)

I Will Never Be the Next Renee Zellweger. A letter from Zach Galifianakis. (Letters of Note)

Hungover Owls. This site is blocked by my work computer for containing “adult material”–e.g., photos of owls with snarky/drunk captions. (Hungover Owls)

The Barkvies. Stock photography of dogs. Yeah, I could look at it all day. So what’s the big deal? (The Barkvies)

Ame ni mo makezu. My host mother once ended a letter to me with the injunction from this famous Japanese poem. It has such a simple and beautiful message. I think I’d like to try to memorize it. (Wikipedia)