Basement tour

The finished basement is the space that we evidently don’t know what to do with yet. Mainly, we really need furniture, as you can tell. And that will come… in time! For now, this is what it looks like, post-move:

Basement tour (current disarray)
Media corner.
Basement tour (current disarray)
Music corner.
Basement tour (current disarray)
The nicest bath in the house is in the basement. It’s weird.
Basement tour (current disarray)
Laundry/fermentation/beer/mud room.
Basement tour (current disarray)
Pyrrha is still confused. But at least she has her bed.

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Remember when Thanksgiving happened?

Just getting around to uploading these photos now, because, you know, moving.

We are a provocative and weird family.

Thanksgiving in Davidson

Thanksgiving in Davidson

Thanksgiving in Davidson
Whose idea was this? Why are we all on my parents’ bed? What demigod are Grace and Sam worshipping?

Thanksgiving in Davidson

Thanksgiving in Davidson

Thanksgiving in Davidson
Awkward Family Photos to the MAX!
Everyone stands around while Guion demonstrates the technicalities of the sorority squat.
Everyone stands around while Guion demonstrates the technicalities of the sorority squat.
Thanksgiving in Davidson
At least someone had a great manicure.

(Many thanks to beautiful Cousin Emily for many of these spectacular photos.)

Pyrrha wanted no part of any of it and was instead content to patrol my parents’ neighborhood from their bay of windows.

Thanksgiving in Davidson

We did have a lovely meal. It was so good to be with everyone. I really like these people that I happen to be related to.


Visit from Kelsey and Alex

Love my sister and bro: Kels and Alex came to stay with us this weekend, with the intention of camping, which was downgraded to hiking, which was further downgraded to just “a walk on the Rivanna Trail.” Not complaining: We had the perfect peaceful weekend with them, and we even got to eat the first meal from the long-awaited cob oven. As you can see, they are an exquisite couple, and we were so pleased to have them. It is so nice to have such beloved family so close by.

So in love, these two. #younglove #siblings

Weekend with Kelsey and Alex

Stumbled on a herd of deer
Young deer, seen from the trail.
Watching the deer
Pyrrha contemplates running after the deer.

Weekend with Kelsey and Alex

Intrepid "hikers"
Intrepid “hikers.”
Firing up the cob oven for the first time. #coboven #backyardliving
Firing up the oven.

Looking for her lover

Crazy sky tonight. #lazydog #summersky #backyardliving

Sky after the rain. #backyardliving #summersky

Weekend with Caleb

Dear old Caleb came to stay with us this weekend. We had a very peaceful time, as you can see.

Weekend with Caleb
At the C&O.

Weekend with Caleb
Bonding at dinner.

Weekend with Caleb

Weekend with Caleb
Pyr referees horseshoes.

Being friends
Alliance forged.

Storm brewing. #locustavenue #crapemyrtle
Mercifully cooling storm.

Family in Hatteras

We spent more than week away from the “real world,” which was magical.

First, we spent a little time in the Pines with Nettles

Nettles at some lake in Whispering Pines
Chris in some lake.
Nettles at some lake in Whispering Pines
Juliana reads Jhumpa Lahiri on the dock.

and left Pyrrha at doggy summer camp with Guion’s wonderful parents, and her puppy BFF, Georgia.

Doggy summer camp

And then we went to Hatteras and ate lots of food and talked and wandered around on the beach.

View from our beach house
View from our beach house.
Grandmothers on the deck
Ma-Maw and Gran.

I didn’t get any glamorous beach shots, because I didn’t want to take Louis in the sun and water, but these two photos give you a general idea of what we mostly did (ate and talked and ate and talked, and sometimes watched appallingly riveting television, such as “Swamp People”).

Beach laziness
MM, Kelsey, and Alex.

Beach laziness

You guys, I love these people that I happen to be related to by blood (and marriage).

Dogs and plants

These are the two things that keep us busy these days.

Gimme dat stick
Pyrrha and Rainer (foster).

Dogs in the yard on Sunday

Handsome Rainer
Handsome Rainer is looking for a home! Tell everyone you know!
Guion tending to his hops
Guion tends to his hops.
Kiwi vine is really thriving
Kiwi is monstrous and thriving. But still no kiwi.
Lemon tree
Lemon tree is slowly growing and starting to blossom.
Anniversary peonies from the neighbors
Peonies for our anniversary, from the neighbors.
Pilea cadierei
Pilea cadierei (aluminum plant).
Crassula ovata
Crassula ovata (jade plant) on the kitchen table.
Succulent friends on the organ
Succulents on the organ.

What’s been occupying your life this summer*? (I’m calling it “summer” now because it’s been 85–90°F every day this past week.)

Ways in which I resemble my dog

(c) Wei Tchou.

More and more, I find that I take after Pyrrha.

For example, we both:

  • Are wary of strangers.
  • LOVE playing with dogs.
  • Dislike having our routines disrupted.
  • Have sensitive stomachs.
  • Enjoy snuggling on the couch.
  • Adore walks.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We are also still adapting to the presence of the snuggly little baby Laszlo. He is adorable and all, which I think she acknowledges, but he can really be a pain sometimes. But he makes up for all of his crying and all of his antics by falling asleep on my lap in the evening — a joy that Pyrrha will, however, never experience.

In other news, my current obsession: Studying French style. What is the secret? How do all French women look so beautifully and effortlessly stylish all the time? Is it something in the cigarette smoke–filled air?

Such helpful family

We had a lovely, peaceful weekend with Kelsey and Alex, who are just the best and were supremely helpful with all the dog-wrangling.

Pen Park with Laszlo

(On Friday, just moments after they arrived, Alex came with me to drop off Brando and Vera the puppy with their new foster while Kelsey stayed at home and managed Pyrrha and Laszlo. Such a blessing! I could not have handled Friday without them!)

They loved on and cared for our new foster, Laszlo.

Pen Park with Laszlo

On Saturday, we took the dogs on a short walk at Pen Park (where these photos were taken). Sunday, Laszlo spent much of his day sleeping on our various laps and being generally adorable.

Pen Park with Laszlo

We were lounging around, eating good food, watching TV, discussing current events, playing with dogs, and NOT running the 10-miler (which may have been one of the best parts). Perfect.

It’s really about time these two high-tailed it out of DC and moved to Charlottesville! I will be a tireless campaigner for that move to happen. How nice it is to have a sister and bro-in-law that you just adore!

Come back soon, K and A!

Snow day

Snow day
Backyard at 6:30 a.m.

As one who was raised in North Carolina, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much snow before.

Snow day
Front yard.

We both got the day off, which was spent doing all of the lovely, lazy things we don’t do on typical weekdays — walk the dog in the middle of the day, paint one’s nails (me; I keep offering to paint Guion’s and he keeps declining), read several books, make real oatmeal, host Chelsea and her pups (Annie and Nell) over for a midday play-date.

We were also among the lucky ones in that we never lost power. I think we’re still on the hospital power grid or something, which surely helps.

Snow day

The big decision we made this week is that we are going to become a foster home for dogs from Pyrrha’s rescue, Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. We may have our first foster this weekend, and I am very excited and nervous about it. I have wanted to foster for a long time now, and thanks to Guion’s support and our wonderful landlords’ approval, I think now is a great time to accomplish that item on the Life List. (If you care even mildly about following this fostering adventure, you can rest assured that I will be blogging about it at Doggerel.) Antsy with post-cabin fever energy, I set up the second crate in the “dog room” tonight and started getting really excited about this challenge.

For now, though, I am thankful to have had an extra day to just spend with my husband and my dog. I do love them so.