A weekend with Jonathan

Had such a wonderful, lazy, relaxing weekend with Jonathan while Guion was out of town.

Jonathan explains Korean food at the Japanese restaurant last night. #lovehim #sushi
Sushi at Ten.


  • Had excellent sushi at Ten
  • Walked the dog
  • Drank lots of tea and talked
  • Loaded up on Trader Joe’s snacks
  • Watched episodes of “Will and Grace,” the film The Third Man, and copious amounts of K-Pop music videos/the K-Pop equivalent of MTV, which was extremely fascinating
  • Bought plants at Fifth Season and generally geeked out about them
  • Were lucky enough to grab dinner at Mas with Sean, our favorite fashion blogger
  • Laughed, cried
So proud of his #succulents right now. #latergram
Helicopter mom-ing his succulents.

Thankful for him and his many years of friendship.

The Midwest and our second anniversary

We spent the Memorial Day weekend trekking to the great Midwest for my grandfather’s memorial service. While the circumstances were sad, we had a wonderful time with Dad’s side of the family, remembering Papa John.

Rest in peace, Papa John.

On our last day in Indianapolis, we stood around his new headstone and talked about what we remembered. Remember that time he landed a helicopter in a tiny patch of grass in front of a Hilton, or in Aunt Shelly and Uncle Sean’s backyard, to the amazement of all the neighbors? Remember how he used to evaluate a car, running his hands along the sides, as if it were a racehorse? Remember how calm he was, how he never yelled at us?

Guion, excluded.

The weekend was blazing hot, but we managed to distract ourselves with multiple games of deck tennis and lots of unhealthy food.

Wrangling the family.

We don’t get to see this side of the family very much, so this was a cherished weekend. How nice it was to be reminded of where you came from, the qualities and predispositions that you bear, silently and mysteriously inherited.

The Farson siblings with their mother.

We came home the morning before our second anniversary. To celebrate, we went to Ten for dinner. I’ve been waiting for two years now to go to Ten, and it did not disappoint (even though it made me miss Japan and my host mom’s cooking more than ever). We sat across from each other and smiled, marveling at how quickly time has passed. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were dragging luggage into a hotel, still decked out in our wedding garb?

This sushi is not messing around. Anniversary dinner at Ten.

And now we are happy to be back to our new home, reunited with Pyrrha and our sprawling garden and out-of-control lawn. I am looking forward to doing nothing in particular all summer.

Monday Snax

No photos = jam-packed, fun weekend. We had three holiday parties on Friday night; ran lots of errands + had a generally peaceful day on Saturday, and then hosted a soup party + birthday party for Mary Boyce on Sunday after Lessons and Carols at church. Whew! And then we’re jetting off to North Carolina on Thursday night! I’m so excited.

Yuletide Snax:

Stereotyping You By Your Favorite Book of 2011. Any of these apply to you? The one for Blue Nights made me laugh: “The same people who think it’s healthy to see Greek tragedies in the winter.” (Flavorwire)

Gift Ideas for the Book Lover Who Has Read Everything. Want those Frankenstein bookends. Actually, I’d take just about anything from this gift guide. (Flavorwire)

New York in the Snow, 1892-1920. Makes you really grateful for cars and for traffic lanes. The carriage pile-up in that last photo looks so stressful. (Retronaut)

Are We the Nation of Sushi Abomination? Ah, excellent. Someone else rants about the state of American sushi so I don’t have to. (Tofugu)

Congressional Wives, 1947. The dresses are dowdy, yes, but these ladies look pretty awesome. I bet they’d be a lot of fun at a cocktail party. (Retronaut)

Weak, I know. What? It’s been a busy week.

Monday Snax

Late Monday Snax!

People we saw (click on thumbnails to enlarge!):

As you can see, we had a wonderful weekend in North Carolina, even though it was jam-packed with activities and even though we didn’t get to see everyone we’d hoped to (e.g., Danielle, Meller, Logan, Sam, Carmen, Sarah, etc.). I feel absolutely exhausted today and felt like falling asleep several times today at work. The dark and stormy skies don’t help that feeling, either. But we’re home and happy to be back even though we miss everyone dearly.

Snax as a garnish around a stuffed swan:

Shaun and Ann-Marie’s Engagement Shoot. We got to spend a handful of time with Shaun, one of G’s best friends, and his utterly fabulous, funny, and beautiful Aussie fiancee, Ann-Marie this weekend. They just got their engagement photos back and I think they are just perfect! Can’t wait for their wedding in August! (Sarah Der Photography)

Mixed America’s Family Trees. This is such a fascinating feature from the NYT: A series of interactive family trees with photographs from families with mixed racial heritage from across the country. I was really into genealogy in middle school. If I had to take a stab at my multicolored leaves, I think my mix is predominately Irish-Scotch-Dutch. How about you?

Daddy-O. I miss my dad. I love this photo of him and Dublin. (Como Say What?)

Leaving Tokyo. These photographs of pregnant women and families with little children fleeing the Tokyo area are so heart-wrenching to me. The children look so frightened and serious. I think about Japan almost every day and I can’t get the Japanese out of my mind. (Tokyo Photojournalist)

Having a Dog Makes You Exercise More. Reason #3,408 why I NEED a dog. (We can give up online shopping, but we cannot give up NY Mag.) (New York Magazine)

50 Photos of Basset Hounds Running. This is absolutely and gloriously grotesque. If this isn’t proof that a Basset Hound is a really, really cruel way to breed an animal, nothing is. (Best Week Ever)

Sequinned Sewshi. Tiny, crafty things like this usually annoy me, but I have to admit that these hand-sewn sushi bits are pretty adorable. (Lobster and Swan)

Belle Sue. Dreamy, peaceful film photographs by Belle Sue. (Miss Moss)

15 Totally Surreal Vintage Ads. I think “totally surreal” is a bit too nice. “Extremely creepy” seems to fit better. (Flavorwire)