Finding rest

Source: Flickr user toshi*

What hope can we have of finding rest outside of ourselves if we cannot be at rest within?

— Saint Teresa of Avila, from Ecstasy and Common Sense

Happy weekend, everyone!

This wandering of the mind

Source: The Vow

I began to envy those who live in deserts and to think that since they don’t hear or see anything, they are free of this wandering of the mind. I heard: ‘You are greatly mistaken, daughter; rather, the temptations of the devil there are stronger. Be patient, for as long as you live, a wandering mind cannot be avoided.’

— Saint Teresa of Avila, selection from Ecstasy and Common Sense

Happy weekend, all. I’m making a rainy trek to Virginia Beach to visit with Catherine, Jonathan, and Ava for the weekend. Very excited! See you Monday.