More than biology

I just processed a submission to our academic journal from a professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. He used Wikipedia as a source. Come on, dude. Do you want people to take you seriously? Or maybe he’s not entirely to blame. Maybe one of his students wrote it and he isn’t a careful proofreader… Either way. Ha-larious.

Guion read his work last night at the weekly MFA reading series that happens at The Bridge. He was a great hit, of course. I was very proud. Whenever I hear him read his work, I am reminded all over again what a truly gifted writer he is. It’s a nice phenomenon. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it.

In other news, I can’t WAIT to go home for Thanksgiving! I miss my family so much. This sprawling family-wide e-mail chain that we’ve got going is only compounding my homesickness.

The Feminine Mystique is good, but it’s not exactly exciting to read. I think it would have really rocked my world–as it rocked everyone’s world–in 1963, but in 2010, so many of these observations aren’t true anymore. One critical one being that women now outpace men in receiving both bachelor’s and doctorate degrees. This also means that the problem of women forcing themselves to get married and make babies as soon as possible–thereby forfeiting their intelligence and their identities in the cult of sacred motherhood–is no longer much of an issue anymore. Women get jobs now. They still don’t earn as much as men for the same positions, but they are working. So, there’s that, which is something I’m sure Friedan, were she still alive, would find encouraging.

I think the main thing I’ve learned from The Feminine Mystique is a point that is very subtly laid beneath the text by Friedan. Essentially, it’s this: Women count as human beings, and they count as far more than their mere biological, reproductive capacity. I reject the notion that is especially popular among Christians, that a woman should bear and raise children and do nothing more. Men are allowed to exist and function in the world beyond their mere reproductive function. Why can’t women?

Anticipate me

We’re setting our 2011 goals for ourselves at work. For some reason, all I can think of is Tracy Jordan, screaming at his attendants: “You need to anticipate me! Where are the French fries I did not ask for??”

Last night, we went to the weekly MFA reading series that’s started up at The Bridge (the hipster arts cooperative a block from our house). It was really fantastic, even though I had to leave before the slam poet read. We listened to a funny, sad, thoroughly postmodern short story by one of the fiction writers, Joe. He was great and the story was great and we hung on his every word. I admired this little community of writers, who have been so welcoming to me even though I am not one of their own. I felt like we were in a Bible study or something, the way everyone leaned on each other and sought vulnerability. A Bible study with gleeful obscenities and 40-ounce PBRs.

We are jetting off for the beach this weekend for the long-awaited nuptials of Rose and Kemp! We’re staying in a house with a bunch of friends and I’m really looking forward to the escape. Let’s hope the hurricanes will hold off for the weekend… Talk with you again soon.