Is love an endless feast

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“Is love an endless feast, or is it what people manage to serve each other when their cupboards are bare?”

— Krista Bremer, My Accidental Jihad

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A mesmerizing question from a wonderful essay from The Sun; something I’ve been mulling over during this season of Lent.

Kelsey and Alex are coming tonight, and I am occupied with dog transport for the rescue; moving a female puppy and Brando to their pickup destinations (on their way to new foster homes) and then hopefully receiving our new foster puppy today, if he can find a ride from Covington, Virginia. Busy, but I love it. I wish there was a way to earn a full-time living from dog rescue…

Another observation about dogs and fostering them: You start to care less and less about material possessions. My pants are coated with fur? Oh, well. The car is stinky and muddy from multiple dogs? It happens. Just so long as the dogs are happy.