Going to see Grace

A very serious moment between the two of us, ca. November 2010.

I’m taking a half day on Friday and we’re driving down to Davidson for a weekend reunion with Grace (and for Jonathan and Keara’s wedding). Cannot wait to see her! That little muppet has been prowling the globe for far too long and I’m so relieved she’s back home. It was so nice yesterday to just pick up the phone and call her and talk about Tracy Morgan, just like the old days.

Will return on Monday with lots of photos and stories, I’m sure. Until then, have a lovely weekend.

Anticipate me

We’re setting our 2011 goals for ourselves at work. For some reason, all I can think of is Tracy Jordan, screaming at his attendants: “You need to anticipate me! Where are the French fries I did not ask for??”

Last night, we went to the weekly MFA reading series that’s started up at The Bridge (the hipster arts cooperative a block from our house). It was really fantastic, even though I had to leave before the slam poet read. We listened to a funny, sad, thoroughly postmodern short story by one of the fiction writers, Joe. He was great and the story was great and we hung on his every word. I admired this little community of writers, who have been so welcoming to me even though I am not one of their own. I felt like we were in a Bible study or something, the way everyone leaned on each other and sought vulnerability. A Bible study with gleeful obscenities and 40-ounce PBRs.

We are jetting off for the beach this weekend for the long-awaited nuptials of Rose and Kemp! We’re staying in a house with a bunch of friends and I’m really looking forward to the escape. Let’s hope the hurricanes will hold off for the weekend… Talk with you again soon.