Weekend with Caleb

Dear old Caleb came to stay with us this weekend. We had a very peaceful time, as you can see.

Weekend with Caleb
At the C&O.

Weekend with Caleb
Bonding at dinner.

Weekend with Caleb

Weekend with Caleb
Pyr referees horseshoes.

Being friends
Alliance forged.

Storm brewing. #locustavenue #crapemyrtle
Mercifully cooling storm.

Such helpful family

We had a lovely, peaceful weekend with Kelsey and Alex, who are just the best and were supremely helpful with all the dog-wrangling.

Pen Park with Laszlo

(On Friday, just moments after they arrived, Alex came with me to drop off Brando and Vera the puppy with their new foster while Kelsey stayed at home and managed Pyrrha and Laszlo. Such a blessing! I could not have handled Friday without them!)

They loved on and cared for our new foster, Laszlo.

Pen Park with Laszlo

On Saturday, we took the dogs on a short walk at Pen Park (where these photos were taken). Sunday, Laszlo spent much of his day sleeping on our various laps and being generally adorable.

Pen Park with Laszlo

We were lounging around, eating good food, watching TV, discussing current events, playing with dogs, and NOT running the 10-miler (which may have been one of the best parts). Perfect.

It’s really about time these two high-tailed it out of DC and moved to Charlottesville! I will be a tireless campaigner for that move to happen. How nice it is to have a sister and bro-in-law that you just adore!

Come back soon, K and A!

Weekend with family and pups

Our weekend with Guion’s parents and their new puppy, Georgia, was lovely. How could it not be? Just LOOK at this baby:

Look at that face!

Papa Pratt with the pups

My parents and my brother came down for lunch on Sunday, and we had a pleasant afternoon of great food and lounging about, doting on the dogs.

Gimme dat toy

Family and the fire

My idea of a perfect weekend.

Puppy at my feet

Living among the things

Click for source.

Liesl Mueller

What happened is, we grew lonely
living among the things,
so we gave the clock a face,
the chair a back,
the table four stout legs
which will never suffer fatigue.
We fitted our shoes with tongues
as smooth as our own
and hung tongues inside bells
so we could listen
to their emotional language,
and because we loved graceful profiles
the pitcher received a lip,
the bottle a long, slender neck.
Even what was beyond us
was recast in our image;
we gave the country a heart,
the storm an eye,
the cave a mouth
so we could pass into safety.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Happy Friday! Things I am looking forward to this weekend: Attending the greatest event in this town, the annual JMRL Friends Book Sale; arranging a play-date with Pyrrha and Roland; reading; practicing ballet; cleaning the house; resting.

In which we bore the urban haute bourgeoisie


The happy young things!

Our weekend with Angela and Marshall was so peaceful and uneventful. I felt very guilty about it, though. Who wants to take a train all the way from New York City just to sit in our grubby kitchen? Apparently these two did, because they were very good sports about our weekend and about our very diminished hospitality skills.

Angela! In our house!

We had slow breakfasts of Brooklyn’s finest bagels. We drank lots of tea. We sat around and looked at each other. We got a glimpse of Angela and Marshall’s high-minded New York life by watching Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan. We had “Asian fusion tapas” at Bang! We walked to the farmers’ market with Pyrrha, and Angela bought us a beautiful bouquet. We got to FaceTime with Angela’s delightful mother, which was a dream come true. We listened to music. We stood around in the backyard, looking at plants.

Don't go

Now we just have to take a trip to New York and do all of the same things.

P.S. And just for kicks, here’s a shot of my sexy husband.

Handsome husband

An important engagement

The BIG news of this weekend is that my dear baby sister Kelsey got engaged to Alex, my dear friend from UNC!

Love. Alex and Kels, together 4eva.

I couldn’t be happier for them and I am thrilled to welcome a long-time friend as a brother and official member of our totally crazy family. I only regret that I can’t be with them right now to celebrate in person… but let the wedding planning begin! So happy.

When not celebrating the engagement via telephone, we were having a beautiful weekend with the newly married Daniel and Lauren, who were in town to play a few shows.

We visited Matt and Liz’s closing show at The Garage:

Work by Matt Kleberg and Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg at The Garage.
Daniel and Lauren, watching part of Matt and Liz's exhibit.

And we were very sad to see them go, but we have high hopes that we could one day coerce them to move here.

Saying goodbye to Daniel and Lauren. (Photo credit: Maureen Lovett.)

More photos from the weekend on Flickr! And now, to drum up some energy to get through this day…

In a world

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“In a world where carpenters get resurrected, anything is possible.”

–Eleanor of Aquitaine in A Lion in Winter.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .
So thankful for so many things right now, especially thinking about the abundance of God’s grace. Wishing you a joyful Easter (or Passover or just a joyful weekend, if you observe neither)!

On the order of the universe

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All things whatsoever observe a mutual order; and this is the form that maketh the universe like unto God.

— Beatrice in The Divine Comedy, Dante.

Happy weekend, everyone. I’m looking forward to slow mornings at home; two Christmas parties; reading a lot; and maybe even kind of looking forward to my run on Saturday. But emphasis on the “kind of.”

Happy weekend!

Here at last! I’m excited. We might get to catch a film or two at the Virginia Film Festival that’s happening here this week, and we will get to spend lots of quality time with the Pratts and Granddad.

Back and forth about grad school still. Not too jazzed about it after reading this little piece in McSweeney’s: An Open Letter to my Abandoned MA Degree. The opening paragraph says it all:

Dear Abandoned MA English Degree,

We could’ve been big, MA English Degree. God damn huge! Working together, our forces finally combined with BA English Degree to form that ancient tripartite power of analysis, critical thinking, and original content. We could have taken the world by storm. There was no shortage to where we could have gone: non-paying internships at publishing houses, a PhD program, the list… well, the list kind of peters out there, but man, what we could’ve done in either of those, it would’ve really set the world aflame! But alas, here is where we must part ways. Two semesters into our supposed two year relationship I must take my leave from you.

And then there’s that exchange in “30 Rock”:

LIZ: We might not be the best people…
JACK: … but we’re not the worst:
LIZ, JACK [in unison]: Grad students are the worst!

So, today is a “no grad school” day. Tomorrow will probably be different. But today, I’m thinking, “Hey. I have a job. A pretty real job. It might not be super-fun or challenging, but I have a job. Which is more than most English MA’s can say.”

Also. OMG. This is the reason that I often wish I had straight hair and red hair. Catherine could totally do this; she’s the queen of chignons. Now that I finally found hair pins (not bobby pins, hair pins), I might try it. I’ve also been considering trying to straighten my hair every now and then. I feel like dry-ish winter is a good time to attempt such a daring and risky endeavor.

Until Monday, nerds!

Delayed Snax

City limit sign. I walked home (approx. 3 miles) from work on Friday.

Konbanwa, tomodachi. I know I haven’t posted Monday Snax yet. It’s been a busy day. They will come later in the week, possibly tomorrow. We had a beautiful weekend here and a rather uneventful Halloween. On Halloween afternoon, we went hiking back up to Carter’s Mountain (this time down the right trail) with two married couples and a Brit and his gorgeously behaved Whippet, Cooper. It was a lovely day and we were thoroughly tired when we got back. Ready for another week!

Mike, Windy, and Granddad are coming to visit this weekend and we are THRILLED that we get to spend a few days with them.